Global Awards for Cardiovascular Industry and Physicians

Celebrating the Leaders in Cardiovascular Care

The primary aim of The Global Cardiovascular Awards is to acknowledge and celebrate the inspirational figures shaping the future of cardiovascular care across the world. We aim to highlight the innovative ideas and ground-breaking contributions made by researchers, healthcare providers, organisations, innovators and institutions in pursuit of improved cardiovascular health for all.

The GCV Awards believe that innovation is the cornerstone of progress in cardiovascular medicine and therefore aim to celebrate current and future opinion leaders, innovators and industry driving the development of novel approaches, technologies and interventions to prevent, diagnose and treat patients with cardiovascular disease.

Join us for a wonderful evening celebrating achievements, fostering innovation and promoting collaboration in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Together, we can work together to make a significant impact on the global fight against cardiovascular diseases.

The GCV Awards Gala Dinner will take place on Thursday, 14 March 2024